6 Essential Apps to Increase your BigCommerce Store Sales

  • In-stock alerts - Why it’s essential: Capture lost sales, and validate your products before you make or stock a large amount of inventory.

  • Mailchimp - Why it’s essential: If you run an e-commerce store, you need an email marketing app. Mailchimp is affordable, and easy for anyone to use, while still offering robust functionality.

  • Storemapper BigCommerce Store Locator - Why it’s essential: If you have brick-and-mortar stores, or partner retailers who sell your products, your website can be used to increase offline sales as we

  • Yotpo - Why it’s essential: Build trust by letting customers add images and reviews of your products.

  • Fav SEO - Why it’s essential: Tackle SEO for your products — easily.

  • Facebook Ads - Why it’s essential: Facebook ads convert, but their ads platform is a bit of a gauntlet. If you’re not an expert, this app will simplify things immensely.

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