26 SaaS Metrics Founders Should Be Tracking

  • Revenue-Related SaaS Metrics

  • MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

  • ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)

  • ARR (Annual Run Rate)

  • TTM Revenue and TTM Profit (Twelve Trailing Months Revenue and Profit)

  • Gross Margin or Gross Profit Margin

  • ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)

  • LTV (Lifetime Value)

  • CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

  • LTV (CAC Ratio)

  • Customer Retention SaaS Metrics

  • Number of Paid Customers

  • Activation Rate

  • Churn Rate

  • Customer Happiness SaaS Metrics

  • Customer/Conversation Happiness

  • Median First Response Time

  • Resolution Time

  • Replies to Resolve

  • Positive App Reviews

  • Cancellation Turnarounds

  • Google Analytics

  • SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position)

  • Number of Visitors by Channel

  • Trials by Channel

  • Activations by Channel

  • Landing Page Conversion Rates

  • Bounce Rate and Exit Rate

  • Page Speed

  • Device Type

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