Migration Checklist

  • Team Workflows

  • Determine how builds will run

  • Determine when tests will run

  • Develop a release management process

  • Move your code reviews to pull requests

  • Branching Strategy

  • Pick a Git branching strategy

  • Document the branching strategy, including why it was selected and how legacy branches map

  • History

  • Decide how long to keep legacy VC running 

  • Identify branches which need to migrate

  • If needed, create “breadcrumbs” to help engineers navigate back to the legacy system

  • Binaries and 

  • Identify which binaries and undiffable files to remove from the repo

  • Decide on an approach for large files, such as Git-LFS

  • Decide on an approach for delivering tools and libraries, such as NuGet

  • Training

  • Identify training materials

  • Plan training: events, written material, videos, etc.

  • Identify members of the team to serve as local Git experts

  • Code migration

  • Run multiple test runs to ensure the migration will go smoothly

  • Identify and communicate a time to make the cutover

  • Create the new Git repo on VSTS

  • Migrate the mainline branch first, followed by any additional branches needed

This checklist was created by tech@synchronisys.com

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