First Aid Kits Checklist

first aid kit first aid kit
  • A basic first aid kit checklist

  • You can customise your first aid kit depending on the activities you do. A basic first aid kit checklist might include:

  • Crepe bandages of varying widths

  • Hypoallergenic (skin) tape

  • Triangular bandages

  • Adhesive dressing strips (such as bandaids) in different sizes

  • Gauze swabs

  • Combine dressing pads (10cm x 10cm)

  • Non-stick dressing pads (7.5cm x 10cm)

  • Sterile eye pad

  • Alcohol swabs

  • Stainless steel scissors (sharp/blunt) 12.5cm

  • Disposable gloves

  • Stainless steel pointed splinter forceps (tweezers)

  • Shock (thermal) blanket

  • Safety pins

  • Notepad and permanent marker

  • Sterile saline tubes/sachets

  • Disposable resuscitation face shield

  • Antiseptic skin swabs

  • Stop itch cream

  • First aid booklet

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