The surf trip checklist

surf trip surf trip
  • has compiled a checklist of the most important steps to take when preparing to hit the road in search of epic surf and even more epic stories. Here\'s what you\'ll need to do:

  • 1. Check tires, oil, gas, water and lights of your car.

  • 2. Bring wax, leash, surfboard and fins.

  • 3. Pack boxers/underwear, board shorts, beach towel and sun cream.

  • 4. Stock a toothbrush, toothpaste, and toilet paper.

  • 5. Bring glasses and contact lens solution, if needed.

  • 6. Make sure you have a credit card and pocket money.

  • 7. Safeguard your passport and visa, if needed.

  • 8. Don\'t forget your driver\'s license, registration and insurance cards

  • 9. Bring a cell phone and charger.

  • 10. Check for house keys, and turn off the gas and water before leaving the house.

This checklist was created by tommiller01

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