The Lazy Girl's Travel Checklist

  • Flights

  • Download Hopper and Monitor Flights

  • Book Flights

  • Check Baggage Allowance for Flight to Avoid Pesky Fees

  • Hotel

  • Ask Friends/Family About Hotel Recommendations

  • Book Hotel and/or Hostel

  • Activities

  • Research Destination (Hellooooo Netflix!)

  • Book Any Activities/Tours that Require Advance Booking

  • Practical

  • Check Visa Requirements for Destination (If none - give yourself a high five!)

  • Check CDC for Recommended Travel Vaccines

  • Mentally Prepare for Upcoming Shots (Yikes!)

  • Book Traveler\'s Insurance for Upcoming Trip (World Nomads is a Great Option!)

  • Check Weather for Upcoming Destination(s), Start to Think of Fabulous Vacation Wear

  • Print Out All Confirmations of Flights, Hotels, Bookings and Save in a Folder

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