Training Checklist

  • Voice Distance (CTRL+Tab)

  • Radio Basics (additional freq. optional)

  • Ace Interact

  • Ace Self-interact

  • Ace Medical basics (ask if wants more training)

  • Ace Grenades (Shift G)

  • Other Ace keys (CTRL R, Shift R, CTRL Shift T, etc)

  • Advanced Movement (advanced interact OPTIONAL)

  • Backblast

  • Basic Formations and mindset (Column, Wedge, Etc)

  • Show how ace is used on other things (vehicles, loading, etc)

  • Ask if they want more training in a specific role (pilot, Sniper, Medic, etc)

  • Explain how Saturday Ops work

  • Ask if they need Basic Arma Training


  • Show movements (leaning, advanced leaning, movement speeds)

  • Show Zeroing on guns (Make sure you explain that many weapon sights we use don\'t have zeroing)

  • Show how to switch sight modes (CTRL+Right Click OR Num /)

  • Show basic etiqeutte of spotting (degree, range, etc)

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