Dovan To Do List

  • Get homebase and missing ships fixed

  • Spawn in 7 Tiberius Class Mining Frigates (make sure they are updated!)

  • Spawn in 10 Scimitar Class Dreadnaughts (make sure they are updated!)

  • Spawn in 5 Nahkahzuul Class Titans

  • Spawn in 3 of Miraaks new 2 million block titan

  • Spawn in 3 fleets of Miraaks UFO drones

  • Create McMiraaks defense station prototype and fill in blueprints on GenX (but do not spawn yet!)

  • Build commercial center at homebase (for McMiraaks and stuff) and finish offices and rooms inside homebase

  • Once the above is complete:

  • Claim more space using McMiraaks defense stations

  • Blockade nearby non-OAS affiliated factions and force them to become vassals or move

  • Destroy and blockade all Vindication assets on server

  • Destroy and blockade all UIS assets on server

  • Set up defense stations near popular areas (like near warp gates)

  • Stuff to do every day:

  • Mine on Genx

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