AQA Computer Science | NEA - 03/30/17

  • Analysis [9]

  • Methods and sources

  • Identifying a third party [End User]

  • Further research

  • Prototyping and critical path

  • Clear description of the problem

  • Outline on how to problem was researched

  • Statement indicating who the problem is being solved, and background info on them

  • List of objectives [WELL DEFINED AND APPROPRIATE]

  • Modelling (Diagrams) of the problem

  • Current System (if appropriate)

  • Design [12]

  • Sequencing [Logic solutions before coding them]

  • structure / hierarchy chart | a system flowchart | data flow diagram | non-standard diagrams

  • Document how important elements of your solution work

  • Algorithms | Data structures | File structure and organisation | Database design | Queries | HCI | Hardware selection/design

  • The documented design should include evidence of the data structures and algorithms the student intended to use

  • Implementation [42] (Completeness of solution [15], Techniques used [27])

  • Achieve All or Almost All of the objectives

  • Objectives are reasonable and not unjustifiably easy

  • Testing [8]

  • Comments should be included in the program code to highlight where techniques have been used

  • Notes pointing out paticualr techniques used

  • Tests show that purpose has been fufilled [Doesn't have to be on the final version]

  • Evidence showing that the system works must be presented

  • Each test described and explained [its purpose if not self-evident | the test data used | the expected test outcome | the actual outcome]

  • Evaluation [4]

  • Explanation of how well the objectives have been met and how this was achieved

  • Discuss how the solution can be improved

  • Analysis of feedback from the third party who was involved at the analysis stage

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