OFallon Gold Cup Bike Race - 03/31/17 - 03/31/17 - 03/31/17

  • 60 DAYS: Check roadway for hazards, contact streets division for necessary repairs.

  • 60 DAYS: Notify police department.

  • 30 DAYS: Notify St. Charles Model Railroad Club at least 30 days prior to the event.

  • 30 DAYS:Send news release announce "Fort Zumwalt Park temporarily closed...

  • TWO WEEKS BEFORE: Ask Cathy to make six signs - Park closed 5/20/17.

  • TWO WEEKS BEFORE: Notify facilities maintenance to turn on electric and test ELECTRIC hub nearest to the entrance to the Heald Home parking lot. Also to turn off electric post-event.

  • WEEK BEFORE: Send parks checklist: monitor traffic flow at back gate, trash removal and assistance with other issues encountered, remove cones at end of event (return to storage)

  • DAY BEFORE: Event organizers will have 2 porta johns delivered day before event to set up near the H/C stall by the COL shed.

  • DAY BEFORE: Day before event, Park crew to deliver orange cones to both park entrances.

  • DAY BEFORE: ALL City vehicles to be removed from Heald Home and COL/Maintenance Shed parking lots.

  • EVENT DAY: One parks maintenance worker on side for the duration of the event (7:30a to 6p).

  • EVENT DAY: Turn off and secure electric hub.

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