How to Pack Stress Free for Your Next Getaway

  • Before you next getaway invest in a lightweight suitcase that you can carry-on. Check carry-on airline requirements

  • Put outfits togethers and outfits you can mix and match

  • Keep your travel liquids stocks - always have those items stocked up and ready to go, so you don't have to worry about last minute errands

  • Don't bring more than three pairs of shoes

  • Put an outfit in your carry on bag

  • Take a photo of you ID or passport

  • Grab an extra sweatshirt or a couple tees just in case

  • Only bring accessories that you are really going to wear - here's what I love to wear -->

  • Roll your clothes, don't fold

  • Check the weather of your destination the night before you leave and make last min adjustments

  • Set a reminder on your phone to check into your flight 24 hours before you leave. Download the airlines app to easily check in and get a digital boarding pass and up to date flight info

  • If you are arriving to your destination early, let your hotel know ahead of time, you usually can then check in right away

  • When you pick up your phone the morning you leave, pack your charger right away

  • Wear layers to the airport. Some flights are cold but then your destination could be hot

  • It's ok to forget something! Once you get to your destination you can always pick up things you forgot. So just relax, pack, and enjoy your next getaway adventure!

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