Pg. 2 New Presenter YouTube Checklist

  • I'm Waiting For My Kit Now What?

  • Team Pages

  • Where to Get More Help: Support

  • How to Edit Your Profile

  • Business vs Personal & Public vs Private Pages

  • How to Create Lists

  • Setting Up a Domain

  • How to Expand Your Network

  • Do's & Don'ts of Posting

  • Back Office Tour

  • Create Party Link

  • How to Create Groups and Events

  • How to Do an Online Party

  • Diva Ring Light Under $25

  • How to Conquer the Fear of Videos

  • How to Take Good Selfies

  • How to Color Match

  • How to Increase Engagement

  • How to Overcome Objections

  • Goal Setting

  • How to Time Block

  • Why Doing 2 Network Marketing Companies Does Not Work

  • **If you have any additional questions please check out the New Presenter FAQs playlist**


  • **If you want to know how to use apps for your business check out the How to Use Apps for Your Business Playlist**


  • **If you want to know learn more please check out the additional training playlist below for more advanced training**




  • **If you want to learn what you can and cannot do according to the presenter agreement you signed please watch this playlist below**


  • THE BEST PLAYLIST EVA! ALL the BEST reasons to work for Younique and the ROYAL TREATMENT YOU CAN GET!


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