16 Important Questions for the Shelter Before Rescuing a New Rescue Dog or Puppy

  • Is the dog a boy or girl?

  • What kind of breed is the dog?

  • Do you know their history?

  • Has he/she been neutered or spayed?

  • How big will he/she get?

  • How old is he/she?

  • Does he/she have any health issues?

  • What if he/she develops health issues or my personal vet says he/she has health issues?

  • How much activity will he/she need?

  • Is he/she potty trained?

  • Is he/she good with people?

  • Is he/she good with other dogs?

  • Is he/she good with children?

  • How much training does he/she have?

  • Do you offer discounted services or medicines in the future?

  • Do you offer any free or paid training classes?

  • Is he/she good with cats?

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