How to be taken seriously in the clique

  • Know their names- Tyler Robert Joseph and Joshua William Dun

  • Know their nicknames- Ty, Tyjo, Jish, Jishwa

  • Know the names of their iTunes albums- twenty one pilots, Vessel, Blurryface

  • Know the unreleased albums- No Phun Intended, Regional at Best

  • Know the songs (you gotta know all the ones on itunes and at least like 10 from the other albums)

  • Respect the boys

  • Understand what they\'ve been through

  • Know what Joshler is (you don\'t have to ship it)

  • Know their family: Tyler Joseph, Jenna Joseph (wifey), Zack and Jay Joseph (brothers), Madison Joseph (sister), Chris Joseph and Kelly Joseph (parentals)

  • Know their family: Josh Dun, Jordan Dun (brother), Ashley and Abigail (sisters), Laura Dun (MOMMA DUN), Bill Dun (dad)

  • Acknowledge Jebby

  • Buy some merch (AKA move into Hot Topic)

  • Go to a concert (you won\'t regret it!)

  • Be nice to the clique

  • Don\'t call people "fake fans" if they\'re new

  • *whispers* forest fic


  • Stay alive |-/

  • Stay street |-/

  • Love you guys

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