Product Management - Feature Kickoff - 05/09/17

  • Define relevance in roadmap & make sure it’s the next important thing to work on - Get initial input from stakeholders (Support, Sales, Marketing)

  • Usage-Check: Who in the customer base has recently used the current feature (regularly)?

  • Status Quo check: - Screen-Share with customers & ask: - Show me how you use it? - What do you expect from feature XY? - What is missing? - Have they used any other tool?

  • Competitors - Look for best practices & things to avoid

  • Conceptualise feature-options with minor tweaks to the existing market standards

  • Impact / Technical difficulty analysis of solution options

  • Define MVP - What is the 20% part of the feature that brings 80% of the value?

  • Pitch concept & MVP to stakeholders (Support, Sales, Marketing)

  • Build wireframes & Mockups - Test (Invision or click-dummy)

  • Test wireframes / click dummies internally

  • Implement feedback in mockups / test dummies

  • Submit concept to UI-Design team

  • Approve / adjust UI-Design Team's HD mockups

  • Submit user story and HD Mockups in next sprint planning

  • Follow up and stay in the loop in the dev process

  • QA & Testing

  • Adjustments based on QA & Testing

  • Final QA

  • Launch feature & announce in Customer mailing / social media announcement / video tutorial

  • Quantitative KPI: Feature usage before & after launch of new version

  • Qualitative KPI: Send satisfaction survey to all “regular” users of the feature after time frame x

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