"Big One" Fishing Birthday Checklist

  • Confirm Theme ("Big One" Fishing Birthday Theme -- Great for 1st Birthday\'s!)

  • Create guest list

  • Set date

  • Choose venue (at your home or out?)

  • Decide on budget

  • Hire Party Planner (if budget allows, and that is your wish)

  • Choose food and drink to serve (consider theme)

  • Design & print invitations. Be sure to include date, time, RSVP details, and gift requests (books & college fund money only)

  • Find and purchase the BIRTHDAY OUTFIT.

  • Purchase decorations (consider Etsy for this theme, there are some great finds!) High chair banner, monthly age progression photo banner, table cloths, balloons, streamers, etc.

  • Party Favors - consider handmade soaps, bubbles, water beads, inflatable bobbers, tackle boxes filled with assorted candies, etc)

  • Print out photos for the monthly age progression photo banner (Wal-Mart might be your best bet!)

  • DIY Chalkboard - gather supplies (liquid chalkboard markers) and board, or purchase online

  • Choose/Create game - a fishing game would go great with this one!

  • Game Prize - don\'t forget to assemble a gift (tackle box or game, maybe?) for the winner(s) of the game!

  • Order cake or cupcakes, and SMASH CAKE!

  • Collect RSVP\'s, chase down the few people that are sure not to answer ;)

  • Decorate, Put on the music, lay out the food, drinks, and have fun!


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