Zaman Ali Philosophy Quotes

  • “Each thinking mind is a political mind.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “One can only describe the human but can never define it because humans are complex in their nature.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “It is greed that makes us human as it could be for good or bad.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “Struggle of power is natural in human because with power their individuality prevails over others.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “Human as an intellectual being needs answers about the existence for the purpose of knowing the way to live.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “There is nothing right and wrong until anyone defines it.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “Good and bad lies within and without one other loses its mean and essence.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “Human is what he decides to be.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “From the day to till the day there are two humans living together they were and they will be involves in political process.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “Everything is different and nothing is same in the universe.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “Happiness is the purpose of humans so it must need to be for the good of others otherwise one’s happiness could hurt many others.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “Humanity prevails over all other ideologies because one accept it or reject it for him but he cannot deny it because it is about him.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “Human ideologies are based on human believe and acceptance of one ideology by all human is not possible as long as each human could find answers about his existence by his own mind.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “Death is the only fantasy that becomes real for all humans.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “Humanity must need to continue because humanity is about humans and humans are nothing without humanity.” ― Zaman Ali

  • “Books have the power to create, destroy or change civilizations.” ― Zaman Ali

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