Presentation Skills Checklist

  • Presentation slides

  • Is the font in the presentation slides readable?

  • Is the font size in the presentation slides big enough?

  • Did you use appropriate photos and videos in the powerpoint slides?

  • Is the colour contrast between the words and the background good?

  • Is each presentation slide filled with words?

  • Did you use appropriate table and graphs to represent date?

  • Is the theme you have used for the slides engaging?

  • Are the pictures you are using high quality and without watermarks?

  • Did you acknowledge the sources?

  • Dressing

  • Are you in the correct attire for the presentation?

  • Is your shirt properly tucked in?

  • Is your shirt crumpled?

  • Does your shirt have any stains?

  • Did you bring an extra set of clothes?

  • Are your clothes too tight or too loose?

  • Is your hair tidy?

  • Is your attire comfortable?

  • Delivery

  • Did you rehearse the presentation on your own?

  • Does your presentation end within the time limit?

  • Did you speak in a loud and distinct voice?

  • Are you prepared to handle questions with calm courtesy?

  • Does the presentation contain effective examples and illustrations?

  • Do you know what you are presenting?

  • Did you speak too fast

  • Body Language

  • Will you maintain good eye contact with the audience?

  • Will you have no distracting movements or gestures?

  • Will you act friendly and smile during the presentation?

  • Will you use hand gestures to help communicate ideas visually?

  • Will you try to use verbal focusing techniques?

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