Research Paper

  • Meets Standard

  • My paper is formatted in a 5 paragraph form with indents to begin each paragraph.

  • My paper is in Times New Roman, 12 point font, and double-spaced.

  • My introduction clearly previews my topic.

  • My thesis includes a claim.

  • My ideas are organized into broader topics (I.E. biodiversity, food, etc.)

  • My thesis/claim is supported by logical reasoning and information.

  • My topics are developed with relevant and well-chosen facts, details, examples, definitions, and/or other important information.

  • My ideas connect to create a sense of flow through the paper.

  • My paper has a concluding statement.

  • My paper uses a formal writing voice (do not use "I am going to tell you about..." or "I hope you enjoy..." or "I think...").

  • My Paper is enhanced by relevant photos, charts, etc.

  • Exceeds Standard

  • My ideas connect to create a deeper understanding/message. (I.E. Use of transitions, topics build on one another, etc.)

  • I have broken away from the traditional 5 paragraph essay in a way that enhances my message (I.E. Added additional paragraphs which add power to the message.)

  • I have a distinct writing style/voice to strengthen my impact on readers.

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