Minecraft to do list

  • create a mountain outpost

  • find/explore an abandoned mineshaft

  • create a mob grinder

  • create a nether portal and explore the nether

  • make a blaze farm

  • make an alchemy lab

  • create a nether portal room/temple around your nether portal

  • make or expand a wheat farm

  • create an automatic melon and pumpkin farm

  • create a cactus farm

  • create a sugar cane farm

  • build an enchanting room

  • build a huge castle or mansion

  • find the stronghold

  • defeat the dragon

  • drain an ocean monument

  • make a guardian farm

  • build a lighthouse

  • make crazy pixel art

  • do anything else! the sky is the limit!

This checklist was created by ghostfrog46

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