The Egyptian Armed Forces Gauntlet

  • Recruit 10 members into the group and Discord

  • Add 5 non group members into the Discord

  • 5 Slide Presentation on your most influential MM figure

  • Lead and win a raid against any group

  • Develop a 5 part EAF development plan

  • Build or create a model in Roblox studio that can be utilized by the EAF

  • Paragraph on what leadership means to you

  • Paragraph on your view of the EAF and how it can improve

  • Lead a group of 10 Egyptians on any 2 hour event of your choice

  • Reach level 30 on theltgrounds

  • Convince 4 members from an enemy to defect

  • Create 1 pro Egypt piece of propaganda

  • Mentor someone

  • Earn Egypt an ally + get their leader in Egypt's Discord

  • Help someone

  • Hinder someone

  • Cripple a hostile group

  • Change someone

  • Earn an enemy's forgiveness

  • Establish a social media presence for the EAF

  • Improve Egypt's status in the Modern Military Community

  • Recruit one member of significant standing into Egypt

  • Get a petition signed by 15 members of Egypt in favor of you receiving a commision

  • Impact the Community

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