How to Plan a Chicago Shopping Tour

Chicago Shopping Tour
  • Figure out if you are coming for the day or a long weekend. If it\'s a long weekend, look for hotels specials or download the Hotel Tonight app for last minute deals on the best hotels in Chicago

  • Stay in a hotel close to Michigan Avenue or the Gold Coast. You don want to spend a lot of time travel back and forth. Plus you might want to rest, get ready for cocktails or dinner, etc.

  • Plan out your shopping trip before you go. Have an idea of all the stores you want to shop at. You can use my FREE Chicago Tour Guide to help you plan your shopping day

  • Plan your Chicago shopping trip with some other fun city activities. For example, drinks along the Riverwalk, a boat ride, a bus tour to see the sights, a museum, visit the Hancock Building, etc.

  • Make reservations at all the restaurants you want to eat at before you go. Saves you time on wait times, especially on the weekends, and can help you stick to your itinerary. I use Open Table for all my reservations

  • Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes, and a couple bandaids (in case your feet do get a blister)

  • Have a mini phone charger in your purse

  • Bring a light sweater or jacket (you might get chilly in the spring/summer months)

  • Have a bottle of water with you

  • Also bring a small umbrella for unexpected rain showers

  • Remember it\'s a girl\'s shopping trip, so have fun!

  • Be sure to download my FREE eBook - Chicago Shopping Tour Guide - to help you plan your Chicago shopping trip

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