cleaning cleaning
  • Gather your supplies

  • Clean the "tough problems"

  • Remove stains

  • Clean up after your pets

  • Eliminate dust

  • Clean the bathrooms

  • Vacuum everything

  • Wash the floors

  • Clean the carpet

  • Clean out dryer lint

  • Clean your garbage disposal

  • Clean out the car

  • Clean the kitchen

  • Clean the utility spaces

  • Eliminate bad smiles

  • Clean your electronics

  • Give your appliances a deep clean

  • Clean the garage

  • Remove all mold and mildew

  • Pressure wash your house

  • Clean off the deck

  • Wash your windows

  • Wash the exterior of your home

  • Clean out the lawn mower and other small engines 

  • Clean and  prep your a/c unit 

  • Get your closets in order

  • Organize everything else

  • Speed-clean daily messes

  • Prevent future dirt build-up

  • Give your house final deep clean

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