Essential Picnic Checklist

picnic checklist picnic checklist
  • For Toting and Seating:  

  • Picnic basket or canvas bag 

  • Cooler

  • Picnic blanket (preferably waterproof on the bottom)

  • Picnic chairs (if anyone in your group is not happy on the ground) 

  • Portable picnic table (if that\'s the kind of picnic you\'re having!) 

  • For Serving:

  • Plates

  • Utensils (including serving utensils)

  • Napkins

  • Cups 

  • Drinks (including lots of water)

  • Bottle opener

  • Cutting board (also useful as a level serving surface, perfect for drinks) 

  • Sharp knife (even if you don\'t plan to cut things, it\'s still a good idea) 

  • Salt and pepper

  • Mustard, mayo, ketchup, etc., if needed (a great way to make use of extra packets from a takeout place) 

  • For Cleanup:

  • Paper towels (and maybe wet wipes)

  • A couple of dishtowels (always handy, and useful to buffer and support dishes in transport) 

  • Extra plastic containers or sturdy zipper-top bags for packing up dirty utensils, leftovers, etc. 

  • Trash bags

  • Other Essentials:

  • Sunscreen

  • Hats

  • Insect repellent

  • Flashlight (if you plan to be out into the evening hours) 

  • Sport or activity equipment (Frisbees, balls, bubbles, water guns ... whatever the crowd likes) 

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