Oreos Suitcase

  • Food (*DAD* may need to get more if out)

  • Water Bottle (for drinking water)

  • Big water bottle (freeze and then set in cage)

  • Papaya toppings (*DAD*may need to get more if out)

  • Brush (he’s been shedding a lot)

  • Glove (you can wear this and pet him and then it also should brush him)

  • litter box (he still likes to lay in it sorry in advance of the mess)

  • Extra litter ( just in case)

  • Chew things (really anything like old toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls or any cardboard thing)

  • House ( he doesn’t use his actual cage any more unless needed)

  • Playpen (basically his home)

  • food bowl

  • treats he can eat (cilantro, carrots, bell peppers, really anything online that says it’s ok for rabbits to eat)

This checklist was created by trevinomorgan7@gmail.com

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