Car Servicing Checklist for Tyres and Wheels

car servicing car servicing
  • Physical condition of the tyres

  • One of the things that a mechanic will do when they are servicing your car tyres and wheels is to remove and inspect the tyres for physical wear and tear. They will measure tyre tread depth to ensure that it is within the legal limit. They will also check the general tyre condition of the rubber to determine how much beating it has taken. If your tyres do not have adequate tread depth and/or are overly worn, your mechanic will recommend that you have them replaced, so as to ensure a smooth, safe and comfortable ride. 

  • Tyre pressure

  • Another important thing that will be checked is tyre pressure. All your tyres, including the spare ones, need to be correctly inflated at all times. Correctly inflated tyres reduce tyre wear and tear, minimise road safety risks, improve traction, and increases fuel economy. The device used to test tyre pressure is called a pressure gauge. 

  • Wheel alignment

  • Tyres and wheels operate in tandem. Irrespective of how properly inflated tyres are, they won\'t function well when they\'re fitted to wheels that have been thrown out of alignment, and misaligned wheels will lead to reduced tyre life. To protect your tyres and ensure safe travel, your mechanic will be sure to check if your wheels are properly aligned. 

  • Wheel balance 

  • When the wheels are not correctly balanced, drivers may feel their vehicles shake back and forth while they are travelling, especially at great speeds. This can result in a bumpy and unpleasant ride. To offset the imbalances and reduce the vibrations, wheel balancing will need to be performed. This procedure involves equalising or distributing the weight of the whole wheel assembly so as to ensure each wheel spins smoothly at different speeds when you hit the road.

  • Tyre fitment

  • As mentioned earlier, tyres and wheels operate in tandem. To ensure proper wheel fitment, the tyres fitted to the wheels of a car must be correctly sized. A mechanic will check the tyre size specs on the sidewalls of your tyres to ensure your running on correctly sized tyres.

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