new teacher new teacher
  • 1. Establish your routines - Ex: Will students come into class and begin by writing for 5+ minutes to a prompt?

  • 2. Choose the key classroom rules - Ex: Respect for all

  • 3. Decide on the consequences for rule infractions - Ex: First infraction may be a stern teacher look or you decide on proximity to the student.

  • 4. Consider the politics and school culture - Ex: Contact the grade level lead teacher or department head to set up a meeting before school starts.

  • 5. Make summer staff connections - Ex: A colleague could have a pacing guide that would help your plan the first few months of teaching.

  • 6. Schedule an appointment with HR - Ex: Gather your college units that will be used for your salary schedule placement. Will you defer your pay over 12 month?

  • 7. Classroom style and organization - Ex: decide whether you are going to cover your bulletin boards in fabric, non-fade paper, or district butcher paper.

  • 8. Find out how to access the district warehouse - Ex: Salvage some books that may have been discarded by a teacher  who retired or a book shelf that could be the start to your classroom library.

  • 9. Consider the local Goodwill store for fun treasures to spice up your classroom

  • 10. Start building your web site after you have checked out some website blogs for your grade level.

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