Secondary school stationery checklist

secondary school secondary school
  • Pens, pencils etc

  • Generously sized pencil case 

  • Blue or black rollerball pens/biros: buy in bulk and have at least two in your pencil case at a time

  • Handwriting pen or fountain pen (with extra cartridges if needed)

  • Highlighters: ideally four different colours 

  • HB pencils: buy in bulk 

  • Pencil sharpener

  • Rubber

  • 30cm ruler (folding ones take less space and are less likely to snap)

  • Ink eraser or correction fluid 

  • Art/technology supplies 

  • 2B pencils

  • 4B pencils 

  • Set of colouring pencils 

  • Glue stick 

  • Scissors 

  • Maths supplies

  • Compass

  • 360-degree protractor

  • Set square

  • Scientific calculator (some schools want kids to have a specific model, so check before you buy)

  • English/modern and foreign language supplies

  • English dictionary 

  • English thesaurus 

  • Dictionary for each foreign language studied 

  • Computing supplies

  • Memory stick 

  • Earphones 

  • General stationery supplies 

  • A4 ring binder or lever arch file 

  • A4 subject divider cards

  • A4 punched pockets

  • Hole punch 

  • Spiral bound jotter 

  • Clear sticky back plastic for covering exercise books (stock up on this as you\'re likely to go through a number of rolls!)

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