The Exam Prep Check List

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  • I have made a summary sheet and memorized the necessary formulas, definitions, laws, & theorems.

  • I formed a study group with at least one other person in the class.

  • I re-did (circle:) ALL / MOST / SOME of the lecture examples

  • I re-did (circle:) ALL / MOST / SOME of the quiz problems

  • I re-did ALL / MOST / SOME of the graded HW problems

  • I corrected my errors on ALL / MOST / SOME of the non-graded homework problems .

  • I did ALL / MOST / SOME of the Chapter Review Exercises

  • I took the Practice Exam as if I was under real testing conditions. (and since old exams are not entirely indicative of the material I am responsible for, I know the content of the actual exam),

  • I re-did additional problems in areas where I needed extra practice.

  • I understand the problems that I did in this review to the point where I could teach the concepts to another student.

  • I’ve analyzed my past pattern of typical errors so I can be alert to them on the exam.

  • I’ve gotten 7-8 hours of sleep the two days prior to the exam.

  • I will arrive on time to the exam to avoid pre-exam jitters.

  • I will remain positive with myself during the exam and replace any negative thoughts with positive affirmations.

  • I will write out my formulas and key information at the top of the exam before beginning. 

  • I’ll carefully read the directions to all problems and circle significant words to avoid misinterpretation.

  • I will follow the do easy, mark medium, save hard approach to take the exam.

  • Upon finishing, I’ll check my answers, proofread for omission and check for my typical errors.

  • I’ll leave the exam and reward myself for a job well done!

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