College Preparation Checklist for High School Juniors

college preparation college preparation
  • Have you checked your high school course plan and made sure you are on track to graduate?

  • Are you taking the appropriate classes to prepare you for college and to gain college credit hours? Colleges expect to see AP or IB courses on your transcript. These courses can also save you and your parents money because you may receive credit for some of your general education required courses in college. Concurrent enrollment at a community college will also give you credits to transfer.

  • Start researching colleges.

  • Attend college fairs and sign up for college visits to your high school.

  • Are you active in your clubs and extracurricular activities? Colleges want to see that you are engaged in your activities. They especially like to see leadership positions. A list of clubs that you never participate in is not impressive.

  • Have you considered a part time job or freelancing some of your skills? Work experience shows responsibility and reliability. 

  • Maintain a list of your extracurriculars, leadership positions, and work experience, so that you will be able to quickly prepare a resume to give to the people you ask to write your letters of recommendation. You will also use this resume to complete your college applications.

  • Prepare for and take the SAT and or ACT. 

  • Identify the teachers, coaches, activity sponsors, and others that you would like to write your letters of recommendation. Ask them before the end of your junior year to give them adequate time to prepare your letter. Many of the popular teachers reach their limit of letters to write early.

  • Prepare your resume.

  • Have you done any meaningful community service during high school? A repeated commitment to one organization is better than an hour here and there at a long list of places. Keep a good record of your hours.

  • Identify the colleges you would like to visit and get the visits scheduled and started.

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