USA student visa USA student visa
  • Request an I-20 from your university  

  •  You will receive this form after you have been admitted into the university. This form documents that you have been offered admission to the college and that the college is satisfied that you can afford to study there. It states the program and duration. 

  • Complete your DS-160 application

  • This is the online visa application form that can be found on the USA Consulate visa website

  • Pay your application fee 

  • This can be done through electronic fund transfer, mobile phone or at Axis or Citibank branches

  •  Schedule two appointments 

  • Schedule Biometric scan session at the Visa Application Center

  • Schedule an interview that will be conducted at the US Embassy or Consulate

  • Pay your SEVIS fee

  • This system facilitates the travel of international students into the United States and ensure they reach their program successfully

  • Arrive for your interview

  • Carry your passport.

  • Carry the I20 document.

  • Be prepared to answer questions about why you want to go to the US to study as well as general family-related questions

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