reading strategy reading strategy
  • Holds book correctly

  • Matches spoken words to printed words

  • Moves from left to right when reading

  • Uses pictures as source of information

  • Uses cover, title to tell about general idea of book

  • Matches spoken words to print words with correct content

  • Attempts to decide words

  • Reads known words automatically

  • Uses pat tems to help in reading

  • Makes sure the words read make sense

  • Retells the story with the correct sequence

  • Decodes using first and last letters

  • Analyzes story to comment on events or characters

  • Notices errors and cross-checks

  • Use internal letters to decode words

  • Tracks print with eyes, and only uses finger occasionally

  • Retells and summarizes

  • Comments on events

  • Begins to read with fluency

  • Retells and summarizing keeping events in order

  • Makes inferences by analyzing story content

  • Reads words with irregular spelling patterns

  • Self-corrects errors by reading

  • Reads fluently (Level 3)

  • Visualizes to compensate for low picture support

  • Keeps accumulating story events in mind

  • Processes more complex vocabulary

  • Stops and self-corrects at the point of error

  • Reads fluently (Level 3-4)

  • Retells the story including all major events 

  • Process more complex literacy structures including non-fiction

  • Stops and self-corrects at the point of error

  • Reads fluently ( Level 4)

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