Use this checklist when performing room inspections

room inspections room inspections
  • Air conditioners/heaters:

  • Check that switches/control valves are working properly

  • Check that the thermostat dial positions are working

  • Check the thermostat probe to make sure it is secure and working properly

  • Check that filters are clean and replace if needed

  • Check fan and motor; clean, lubricate and secure it in place 

  • Clean evaporation and condenser units

  • Clean condensation pans and drains

  • Clean, maintain exterior grill 

  • Check for leaks in the refrigeration system

  • Electrical:

  • Check lamp switches are working correctly

  • Check lamp socket and swivels are tight and in good repair

  • Check lampshades are clean with no holes

  • Check that all light bulbs are working properly

  • Check lamp base/body are in good repair

  • Check timer switches are working correctly

  • Check that heat lamps are working properly

  • Clean all fixtures 

  • Check that all switch/outlet plates are good

  • Guestroom appliances:

  • Check televisions for clear audio and video

  • Check that the remote is clean and working properly—replace batteries if necessary

  • Check that the telephones are working

  • Check that windows/mirrors are good

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