Want to organize an effective meeting? Prepare a good agenda

  • A good agenda  

  • informs participants what the meeting is all about by summarizing topics 

  • tells who is responsible for it 

  • helps to hold to schedule throughout the meeting 


  • Step 1: After realizing the need to organize a meeting, sum up some important points and create a draft of an agenda in Meetings

  • Step 2: Send invitations to participants and inform them about the agenda.

  • Step 3: Encourage people to contribute in editing the agenda by asking them to write notes and comment on the draft.  

  • Step 4: Make sure the agenda doesn’t expand too much and that it sticks to the core issues. Remember, meeting time is limited, so you don’t want too many things on the agenda. If there are lots of important issues, consider organizing two meetings instead of one or make sure you have reserved enough time to cover all topics.  

  • Step 5: Take a back-up copy of the agenda by copy-pasting it to a text file and printing it out. Take few extra copies in case a technical error occurs during the meeting so that you don’t need to spend any extra time wondering what to do next.  

  • Step 6: Agenda was made to outline the meeting. Follow it and kindly remind others to follow it too if the talk starts to drift away too much from the focus area.  

  • Step 7: Finally, summarize all covered issues and ask for comments and suggestions about possible topics for the next meeting.  

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