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  • During the photo shooting period:

  • Photo shooting is an ideal time for magicians to interact and amuse with your guests that are feeling bored with a photo session. While the photographer does his job, a magician can entertain other folks with wonderful magic tricks to make them feel amazing. Therefore, you may consider making the photo period a bit longer.

  • At the arrival of guests

  • Guests arrival is another best time when a magician can offer sustained entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

  • During the meal

  • When your guests are busy in taking their meals, a magician will visit each table and perform brief shows while moving from one table to another. In this way, he will also amplify your event in a big way while entertaining your guests.

  • After the meal period:

  • This can be the perfect time for a magician for entertaining the guests as everyone chill’s out after the meal with some drinks and usually like to get engaged with each other.

  • During the reception:

  •  If you are planning for the evening reception, then a close up magician is the ideal choice you have. As far as you don’t plan to have a loud music in the evening event, a magician can be very entertaining and interacting as well.

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