The Ultimate SEO Checklist for your Blog Posts

seo blog posts seo blog posts
  • 1. Keyword research for your blog post

  • How to do keyword research?

  • Basic keyword research tips

  • 2. Choosing a blog post title (Name of blog post)

  • Blog post title tips - Include your main keyword, Use sentence form e.g. SEO Checklist to optimise your blog posts, Try to keep it short. I usually aim for less than 60 characters in length, Avoid keyword stuffing

  • 3. Optimise your blog post URLs

  • How to choose the best URL or slug for your blog post?

  • 4. Structuring your headings and subheadings (H1-H6)

  • How to use headings for SEO

  • Top tips for headings and subheadings

  • 5. Optimising your content

  • Here are a few tips to help you content rank higher

  • 6. Optimising your images

  • Image file name

  • Image size

  • Image alt tags

  • Tips for optimising images

  • 7. Use internal links

  • Include a few internal links to other relevant articles on your website

  • Use keywords within your anchor text

  • Don’t use too many links as this will affect visitor experience and look messy

  • 8. Search engine title (Title Tag)

  • How to choose the best title tags for your blog posts

  • 9. Make the most of your meta description

  • Top tips for meta descriptions

  • 10. Categories and Tags

  • Using categories 

  • Using tags

  • Related content

  • Top tips for using categories and tags

  • 11. Social media signals

  • Include a social sharing bar like we have on the left of this article

  • Include tweetables to make tweeting your content easier

  • Ask for shares as your call to action

  • Include links to online influencers and brands. They’ll likely share it too.

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