13 Things To Put You in the Top 1% of Shopify Stores Checklist

  • Site loads in 3 seconds or under ? Fix it with step by step report from GTMetrix.com -

  • About Us - At least 800

  • Descriptive About Us Section with 

  • Good Logo

  • Phone Number 

  • Email

  • Address (Non PO Box)

  • Opening / Closing Times or Availability on Chat

  • Free Shipping Bar or Incentive

  • Good Above the Fold Content (What are you selling ? Who is it for ? How can customers get it ?)

  • Good Contrasting Footer

  • Badges in Footer

  • Newsletter Sign Up in Footer

  • Best Sellers in Footer

  • Phone/Socials/Email

  • Scroll To Top

  • Product Badges

  • Clearly Visible Pricing on Product Page 

  • Good Photos / Videos

  • Answer All Shipping Questions on Product 

  • Product Page Badges

  • Product Tabs/ Size Guides if applicable

  • Product Reviews functionality

  • Product Reviews present

  • Scarcity in Product / Checkout/ Cart Pages

  • Upsells and Crossells for all relevant products

  • Pixel and Google Analytics Set Up w/ Google Conver

  • Follow up Sequence after purchase - Post purchase upsell, receipt upsell, review email & newsletter emails

  • Looka Audience Set up on Facebook (After pixel data available)

  • Turn on Abandoned Carts (https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/orders/abandoned-checkouts)

  • Set up Retargetting Custom Audiences using Shoelace (or retargetting app),  Adroll, FB Ads Manager etc.

  • Non Spammy Email Collection ? Coupon, Wheelio etc.

  • Plan After Expensive Ads ? Are your On Site SEO, Social Media all being considered ?

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