7 Reasons to use Google Drive

  • Link Google Drive With Gmail Account --> Link Google Drive with Gmail account so as to attach the Gmail files directly to the drive.  Google Drive asks to send only the link of the file for the user to download it at his end. So, instead of using the traditional method of attaching the files, use the option of Google Drive to make the process faster and convenient.  

  • Faster Execution Of Tasks --> Google Drive enables to use many keyboard shortcuts such as shift + N to undo the selection of the items or shift + s to develop a fresh spreadsheet in addition to several other useful ones.

  • Link It With Google Plus --> Google Drive makes it easier to add the photos to the Google Plus account. The process is as simple as selecting the option of ‘from Google Drive’ while adding a new photo in a conversation at your Google Plus account. 

  • Website Images Can Be Stored Easily --> There is no need to store the images or links found on a website on the desktop or at any other place which you forget later on and it becomes difficult to retrieve the same. With Google Drive at your service any image or link that is relevant for the business can simply be stored in Google Drive by right clicking on the image or the link. 

  • Edit The Google Drive Stuff Online -->  Google Drive makes it quite easy to edit the pictures saved here and just demands one simple action from your side i.e. to install Pixlr Editor on the Chrome browser. Pixlr editor has many interesting and relevant features that help in editing a photograph with great ease.

  • Give Instagram Effect To The Photos --> Filter the photos on Google Drive under various categories and give them Instagram effect. This is possible with the help of a feature called Pixlr Express which is an extended feature of Google Chrome. Install it and give the pictures the effect of an Instagram photo instantly by right clicking on the same and opening it with Pixlr Express.

  • An Unique Feature Called Revision History --> Goggle Drive enables you to retrieve a file in one month from the date of deletion. If a file has been deleted accidentally, it can be recovered with no loss within a time period of 30 days. To restore the revision done in the past, there are few simple steps that must be followed viz. Ctrl + Alt+ G.

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