Loft Conversion or House Extension: Which is better to choose?

  • If you are thinking about extending your home in London and you want to find a company that will turn your dreams into reality, then Diamond Constructions Ltd. is the company you need. It is a professional construction team, which offer house extensions, loft conversions and other refurbishment and building services. Diamond Constructions Ltd. provides reliable services thanks to his highest professionalism.

  • And if you still choose what suits you best, you need to pay attention to some important points:

  • 1. The planning permission

  • Most loft conversions do not require the planning permission, while it is necessary for a house extension. Obtaining the permission is not a big problem, but you have to remember that this may increase the time of your renovation.

  • 2. Your opportunities

  • This is probably the main criterion for your choice. If you have a large loft or vice versa a large area around the house, then the choice is obvious. A small loft will not be functional.

  • 3. Your garden.

  • Perhaps near your house, there is a beautiful garden, it is expensive for you and you don’t want to destroy it, then loft conversion is the best choice for you.

  • 4. The room you need

  • Also, you need to know what exactly you want, what room. For example, it is better to do a bedroom on the loft, as well as an office. If you want a kitchen, dining room or living room, then the house extension is the best for you.

  • 5. The price

  • Loft conversion and extension of the house has a different price. As a rule, a loft conversion is cheaper. Therefore, you need to know in advance the cost to calculate everything. When you decide what suits you best, then you need to contact a qualified company that can not only correct your plans but also fully turn your dreams. Diamond Constructions Ltd. is a company to which you can entrust your home, and the result will not disappoint you. Find out more at 

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