Advantages and disadvantages of the basement conversion

  • It must be remembered that the basement floor will be comfortable, with well-equipped functional areas, at the design stage it is necessary to provide all engineering, technical and structural measures related to the provision of full thermal and waterproofing, ventilation, electrical networks and plumbing. To do this, you need to contact a company that specializes in basement repairs. Deko Construction is the pioneers of ground-breaking basement conversion services in London. They offer a full-spectrum design and building package that will pleasantly transform your basement. At Deko Construction, the specialists provide tailor-made home improvement services that will add a beautiful touch to your basement.

  • The pros 

  • Warm floor. Heated basement is a guarantee that the floors in the first floor rooms will always be warm and dry.

  • Additional area

  • In the basement, you can arrange almost all utility rooms, thereby freeing up the useful living space of the house. So, in the basement will be conveniently located pantry, boiler room and laundry room, storage for working tools and other equipment.

  • At the lower level of the house you can place several functional rooms at once:

  • • Sauna, swimming pool. • Game room, cabinet, mini-office. • Workshop, gym. • Home cinema, billiard room. • Storeroom for products. • Garage, laundry. 

  • The cons

  • Price 

  • The main reasons for refusing of the basement conversion in most cases are the high cost of earthworks, the installation of waterproofing and ventilation systems in the basement.

  • Ventilation

  • The basement will be unsuitable for use if it has stale air and the walls are covered with mould or condensate. It can be triggered by insufficient ventilation of the basement (or its improper installation). The ventilation system of the basement should be carefully calculated and taken into account at the design stage.

  • Waterproofing

  • Probably one of the most unpleasant moments of the basement conversion is the probability of its flooding by rain or groundwater. To avoid flooding and high humidity in the basement, you need an arrangement of high-quality waterproofing basement. Each owner of the house, having weighed all the pros and cons of the basement conversion, and also taking into account the hydrogeological conditions of the site and the forthcoming expenses, makes its only correct decision regarding whether he needs a basement or not. The task of the architects and designers of Deko Construction is the development of such a project at home, which will fully reflect all the wishes and functional requirements of the client. Find out more at 

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