What is the best colour for the bathroom?

  • The colour of the bathroom can be pleasing or annoying, relaxing or invigorating, warming or cooling. The bathroom should be the place where the person will feel good. If you are looking for a company in London that will make your bathroom quality, fast, then GreenMark Joinery is what you need. They are committed to maintain a high quality, unique custom products. With so many options, GreenMark is able to provide designs and features which suit all tastes, interiors, functions, and budgets. 

  • When choosing a design the main elements are:

  • • colour; • comfort; • style; • personal wishes and tastes. But what colour to make the bathroom, how to choose exactly those colours and shades? 

  • The colour design of this room requires a special approach and several points need to be taken into account.

  • 1. The bathroom is a room with a high level of humidity. Therefore, it should not look dank and damp; here the colour plays a very important role.

  • 2. The bathroom is mostly not very large. And colour has unique properties to influence the perception of size visually, so if you make the wrong choice, this room will seem small and uncomfortable.

  • 3. In the bathroom, people wash, shave, comb their hair, do makeup, so for all these procedures it is necessary that there is a lot of light and this directly depends on the colour saturation of the floor, walls, furniture.

  • 4. People relax here. Therefore, both comfort and the general condition of the owner will depend on the bathroom’s colour.

  • What should be considered when choosing a colour for the bathroom? 

  • 1. Style

  • When choosing a colour must take into account the location of the bathroom. If it is in the bedroom, the colour and style of the bath should match the room. If we are talking about a shared bathroom in a house or apartment, then you can arrange it in any style and for every taste.

  • 2. The number of tones and shades and their saturation.

  • The bathroom can be monochrome or multi-coloured.

  • 3. Bathroom size and furniture colour 

  • For a bathroom that you want to increase visually, you need to stop the choice on white, cream-coloured and other light-coloured furniture, because coloured and bright furniture or dark wooden furniture will seem very cumbersome. This also applies to plumbing equipment. The colour of the bathroom should dispose of pleasant thoughts, elevated state and good mood. For the interior of the bathroom, the colour must be selected not only considering the fashion trends, but also the tastes and wishes of the family. At GreenMark Joinery, the experts will help you in this difficult issue. Find out more at https://www.greenmarkjoinery.co.uk/  

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