Chrome Web Store browser extension promotion checklist

  • Don\'t skip promotional images and comply with guidelines ( If you have no images your positions in search results and in categories will be severely penalized. 

  • It\'s better to have a web page for an extension. Make one and fill into the extension profile

  • If you already have in mind keywords that you want to optimize place them explicitly to title and description in manifest.json. Web store description is also used for search results ranking but have less weight. 

  • Explore keywords on

  • Use the proper category, it matters a lot. Checkout to get some clues.

  • Make long Webstore description. Consider publishing release notes there. It would give you long-tail keywords exposure. 

  • Update your browser extension frequently - it affects SERP. Top extensions e,g. Grammarly, Honey update periodically even if they don\'t have any disruptive changes. 

  • Consider translating your extension to many languages. It could boost your installs.

  • Subscribe for statistics digest for your extension on Basic features are free.

  • Checkout Quora discussion on and let the community know what works for you

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