Expense Report Checklist for Rutgers University

rutgers expense report rutgers expense report checklist
  • Reason or Purpose of reimbursement 

  • Detailed purpose of meetings and conferences must be provided on all expense reports. It must include applicable information: description of how it relates to research or project or grant, event name, dates, participants names, your role (attendee, speaker, etc.). 

  • Receipts 

  • Proof of payment must be shown on receipt.

  • If you lose an original receipt, the Lost Receipt form must be filled out.

  • Expense reports must be processed within 60 days of the travel end date or the purchase date. A receipt dated over 60 days requires a detailed explanation of why it is late. That explanation must include a department authorized signature.

  • Meal receipts must be itemized and if written in a foreign language translated to English and must include a list of attendees if applicable.

  • Hotel and restaurant receipts are reimbursed on an individual basis. Each person has to submit their own receipt. Do not share expenses on one receipt.

  • Visas and all related visa costs are not reimbursable on federal grants.

  • Conference Registration  

  • It is a Rutgers policy requirement to attach the conference program. It can be obtained by either printing it from the conference website or by scanning the one distributed at the conference. 

  • Hotel 

  •  Hotel bill must be itemized and any expenses not related to the business of the trip (meals, movies, room service, mini-bar, telephone charges, etc) are not reimbursable.  

  • The majority of American hotels provide breakfast (continental is considered breakfast by Rutgers University in all instances). It will be assumed breakfast is served unless you tell us otherwise. This also applies to per diem reimbursements.  

  • Per Diem 

  • Meals provided at events and conferences must be deducted on the appropriate line on the Per Diem form. 

  • If any per diem option is selected, receipts are not required and the per diem rate must be used for the entire trip

  • Per Diem is not an option for travel related to some CBIM projects, restaurant receipts are always necessary for reimbursement. Questions about this can be directed to the CS Business Staff.  

  • Airfare

  • Must include boarding pass and proof of payment.  

  • International flights must be through an American air carrier. If there is a reasonable explanation, other than price for using a non-American carrier, a written explanation must be provided. It is recommended that if such a situation arises that you discuss this with a member of the CS Business Staff prior to booking the flight.

  • If a meal is provided in flight, it is not reimbursable. If you have special circumstances other than it is impalpable, provide a detailed explanation.  

  • Car Rental 

  • The car rental contract is mandatory with the itemized receipt. If the contract is lost and there is no way to obtain a copy then you must complete a Lost Receipt form – and that requires a department authorized signature.  

  • A chart comparing other forms of transportation is required in some instances. Before renting a car discuss the situation with a member of the CS Business Staff. 

  • If a public transportation shuttle is provided, the use of private transportation must be explained. If renting a car is necessary, then a detailed reason stating exactly why and what the car was used for must be included.  

  • More than one trip should not be combined. 

  • Foreign Currency 

  • Foreign currency needs to be converted to USD and either a printout of the conversion from the University approved online currency converter (Onanda FX Currency Converter) or a copy of your Credit Card statement showing the USD amount must be included. 

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