11 Black Inventors You Should Know

famous black inventors A list of Famous Black Inventors
  • Mark E. Dean helped invent the first personal computer for IBM.

  • Madam C. J. Walker, America\'s first self-made millionaire, invented various hair products.

  • Thomas L. Jennings was the first black person to receive a patent. 

  • Dr. Shirley Jackson was the first black woman to graduate from MIT with a Ph.D. 

  • Charles Richard Drew developed America\'s first blood banks.

  • Marie Van Brittan Brown invented and patented the first TV home security system. 

  • George Carruthers created ultraviolet camera/spectograph.

  • Dr. Patricia Bath invented the Laserphaco Probe to help with Laser Cataract Surgery. 

  • Jan Ernst Matzeliger, invented the automated shoe making machine.

  • Alexander Miles invented safer, automated elevator doors.

  • George Washington Carver used the Peanut to develop products like laundry soap, diesel fuel and different types of plastics.

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