Garbage/trash storage and disposal area inspection checklist

Garbage/trash storage and disposal area inspection Garbage/trash storage
  • Is safe access to food waste and trash containers maintained? 

  • Is the disposal area free from broken glass, metal cans and food spillage?

  • Are food waste and refuse containers adequate in number, insect/rodent proof, and kept covered when not being filled or emptied?  

  • Are there proper holding racks and/or dollies for garbage containers?

  • Are garbage cans washed and sanitized daily in hot water? 

  • Are employees who are using steam jets or steam hoses instructed in their safe use?

  • Are gloves used when handling cans and broken glassware? 

  • Do employees operate compactors in a safe manner, properly using guards and protective devices?

  • Is combustible trash stored away from the building?  

  • Is smoking forbidden in trash storage areas?

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