Hospital Cleaning Checklist

Hospital Cleaning Hospital Cleaning

  • Thoroughly clean the toilets. 

  • Follow up with a disinfectant

  • Use a disinfectant bar or solution in the flush tank for a sterile flush every time

  • Wipe and clean the booth doors and door knobs. Use a sanitizer to wipe.

  • Get the reachable wall surfaces clean.

  • Clean the lights and fixtures, and switch plates.

  • Mop and clean the floors with a cleaner, and follow up with a disinfectant.

  • Empty all trash cans, and replace the plastic liners

  • Refill the soap dispenser and restock all the paper utilities


  • All the visible surfaces should be wiped clean and sanitized.

  • Clean all cooking utensils and crockeries and store them in a hygienic way

  • Store the coking material away from the floor and wall in tightly closed cabinets

  • Clean the stove tops and other cooking surfaces after every food preparation

  • Clean and sterilize the counter tops, cutting surfaces, food preparing surfaces.

  • Wipe and clean the backsplash

  • Mop and clean the floor

  • The dining room too should be cleaned every day.


  • Use a hospital grade disinfectant in this high risk zone.

  • Wipe and clean the patients’ beds, the side and underside.

  • Change wet sheet, bed sheet and pillow cases daily

  • Remove soiled towels and replace with fresh ones

  • Clean and sanitize all the visible surface of the rooms

  • Wipe and clean the windows and doors

  • Sanitize the nurse calling button, TV remotes, drawers and cabinets.

  • Mop and clean the floor


  • Dust all visible surface

  • Wash and clean all apparatus and sterilize them

  • Clean the equipment and stands and sterilize them

  • Wipe and clean the reachable wall surfaces

  • Mop and clean the floor using disinfectant

  • Stock the drawers with sterilized gloves and other paper utilities

  • Keep the hand sanitizer dispenser refilled

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