Make some space in your luggage

  • The boring staff 

  • Buy your flight tickets 

  • Book your hotel/airbnb room for the Bricks Program (unless you have arranged housing with LifeX) 

  • Passport  (make sure you don\'t need to renew it unexpectengly soon)

  • VISA (if required) 

  • The practical staff

  • Make sure you pack a couple of power adapters 230V (EU type - If in doubt google it) 

  • Let your bank now that your are moving to Denmark 

  • If necessary, inform your local authorities in your country, i.e tax authorities, immigration, etc

  • Do you have a private insurance? Maybe you need to catch up with them. 

  • 👩🏽‍⚕️ Do you take any medication? Ask your doctor on how to proceed. 

  • The cool staff 

  • Organize a "goodbye fiesta" 🕺🏽 to say a goodbye to your friends and family

  • Bring your favourite local drink from your home country for our Pleo liquids biweekly event (use your virtual Pleo card if possible...) 

  • You can use a CC anywhere in Denmark, but some cash wouldn\'t be a bad idea 

  • Practise your cycling skills! 💡Total cycling in Copenhagen every day equals to 35 times around the world! 

Learn more: http://hellobricks
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