Custody & Visitation

  • Summer vacation, even if you aren’t going anywhere

  • Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring Break, teacher workdays, etc. 

  • Family reunions and other annual or regular family events

  • Transportation, especially if you live in different cities or states 

  • The right of both parents to school and medical records

  • Can parents smoke or drink alcohol when the child is in his or her care?

  • Right of first refusal for babysitting (calling the other parent before calling a babysitter)

  • What happens when a parent relocates to another city or state?

  • Can a parent have overnight visits with a romantic partner when the child is there?  

  • Child\'s activities (sports, band, etc.) during the other parent\'s scheduled visits

  • Are there concerns about proving a parent is sober for visits?

  • When can a parent call a young child while with the other parent and for how long?

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