July 16, 2019 - 07/16/19

  • Logging into and navigating around the two workspaces in PBWorks

  • Logging into my Triptico trial account and creating a Find Ten to introduce myself

  • Creating a page, adding links and embedding code into my page

  • Explaining the advantages of integrating technology in the classroom

  • Giving an overview of different frameworks for integrating technology

  • Explaining the main use of the following tools: Popplet, Classflow, Prezi, Hypersay, Jing, Screencastomatic etc.

  • Explaining the difference between normal and interactive presentation tools

  • Finding links about technology and ELT  on PBWorks

  • Finding support videos for various tools we use on the course

  • Creating my own workspace in PBWorks

  • Capturing an image, downloading it and then importing it into PBworks

  • Uploading files (word, pdf, audio, etc.) into PBworks

  • Creating a YouTube / Vimeo account

  • Uploading a video to YouTube / Vimeo

  • Adding a video to Flipgrid

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