Preschool Classroom Health & Safety Checklist

PreschoolHealthandSafetyChecklist Preschool Classroom Health & Safety Checklist
  • All electrical outlets are covered

  • All electrical cords are out of children’s reach.

  • All cords from the blinds must be hooked up and out of the children’s reach when the blinds are down

  • Each classroom must have the fire and tornado emergency procedures posted

  • Each classroom must have and Emergency Medical Procedure poster posted

  • Teachers must follow student to teacher ratios at all times

  • All dispensers must be filled with soap and paper towel, including the bathrooms. Do not place products on top of the dispensers

  • No food should be stored in the classroom

  • Cabinets are kept closed and latched

  • Personal belongings of staff, volunteers, and visitors are always out of children’s reach

  • Teachers are only permitted to eat when sitting down at the table with the children during meals and snacks

  • All spray bottles must be labeled with the contents and poison control’s number. Spray bottles must be kept out of children’s reach and sight at all times

  • All tables must be washed with the 2 step process before and after every meal and snack. Tables and chairs should be wiped down at the end of every day

  • Floors must be swept after snacks and meals

  • All adults must wash their hands before serving food or drinks, beginning cooking projects, or eating, as well as wiping noses, helping in the bathrooms, administering medication

  • All children must wash their hands prior to eating, helping with a cooking project, after using the bathroom, and after playing outside

  • Food must be covered between classrooms

  • Open food that needs refrigeration should be transferred to a covered plastic container with the date and contents marked on the lid

  • All open milk must have the date and time on it when opened.

  • All cots must be 18 inches apart at rest time and each cot must a sheet on it securely. Children must lay facing in opposite directions, head to toe

  • Your classroom must be arranged so that it is easy to access all areas

  • When supervising the playground/outdoor area all staff must be in different areas of the playground

  • Emergency Medications are unlocked, out of reach of children, and readily accessible in First Aid backpack

  • Parent emergency contact information must be easily accessible

  • Water and cups must be available for children at all times

  • Parents/Guardians/approved babysitters must have id at pick up and sign children in and out of the classroom

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